Member Organization and Jobs

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Member Organization and Jobs

Post by Draconavin on Fri Jul 01, 2011 1:15 pm

I would like to set up people to be assigned to certain roles within the factions.

Draconavin - PR, Accepting new members

Officers - Starting wars
PsYch0pATh -
BlackEyedPeas1 -
Vandal_Unknown - some PR (if he wishes)
Tafkam -
BenchBreaker -

Recruiting Managers
PsYch0pATh -

*Please distribute this message through chats:
Do you want to join a Top 5 Faction? Well join GOONS now!
Just pm Draconavin after you have met the requirements in this
Recruitment Thread:

(You can give them this link; if they don't trust tinyurl)
Full Link:

(This can be added if you want to tell them the requirements quickly.)
Are you Level 35+ ( negotiable ) ? Commpleted 114 missions or more ?
Put out 350 loyalty per week, Are communicative in chat (very important) ?
Have a Large Card Pool?

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