I think the new update sucks. Def First always was better.

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I think the new update sucks. Def First always was better.

Post by Zakal on Fri Jun 24, 2011 2:37 am

So... I think the new update sucks. I really liked defense first. It made the game a challenge. For the first time in forever I felt like there was a chance I could fail. A game that you can't fail in isn't a game. It is just a button to click.

Now if we are ahead in a war... the logical choice is to always Fight. We aren't going to lose so it is just a loss of FPs to play around with Surge mode. With strict FP gain requirements, like any top faction has, this puts the position of most gain on Fight rather than Surge in order to maximize one's FP gain to preserve your spot in the roster.

Proposal: Some way to value faction members by points gained in wars rather than in FP gained overall. The way it has been done in the past could make Surge players who gain far more points than Fight players seem to be less valuable to the faction, when the opposite is true. The player who can throw down 45 point Surges in a clutch situation is way more valuable than the player that is always there winning Fight after Fight. I may even be at a disadvantage in this system because I have sort of sucked in surge the last day or two... but it still seems a much more fair system. And, more importantly, better for the health of the faction.


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