Farewell All

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Farewell All

Post by arnot on Fri Jun 17, 2011 9:35 am

Sorry to be leaving on such short notice but since the game change I no longer have the time to fight in faction wars by individually having to play each card and hoping for the best. I've also reached the point in the game where a little bit of gold farming and faction wars were all I really had to look forward to so there was no other incentive to play the game.

It's been a great time guys, watching us go from the 20th spot up to 4th :3 but I think my days of grinding are over. Happy trails and best of luck in the future.

PS: Since people may or may not have my account data, I'll let the officers decide as to whether or not to boot me but unless I post on the forums again, it won't be me on the account anymore.


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