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Post by Martman2006 on Sun Jun 12, 2011 1:06 pm

I enjoyed the time I played Tyrant. From the time I joined Conquest, helped GOONS as it began, and all the way up to now. However, when a game is no longer entertaining, and you find yourself logging on only to use the auto function to avoid being dead weight, it's probably time to leave for someone else who still enjoys playing. You're welcome to message me if you want to talk about things, or if you want advice on games, or even recommendations for reading material. If ever Tyrant gets a card trading system or an open market, I'll give members of GOONS the best deals I can.

It's been fun being with all of you, I hope you fare well. If I should ever check in, I hope to see GOONS still holding down a top spot. I'm proud of you.


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